About Us

We is manufacturer number one of equipment for hunters and anglers in Eastern Europe. Made in Ukraine. Long-term experience and qualified employees can make the best results with optimum price of the goods.

In 1996 the two guys started to produce hand-made Greek sandals and shoes inspired by ancient Greek gods. Later, they expanded the line of products, trying to work with leather, wood, seeing the demand for hunting and fishing accessories and gear, as well as products for mushroom foragers.

Having learnt about the our products you will understand that the people, developing and producing it, have much proficiency and accuracy, and know exactly what they do. We offer you a collection of the unique coffers, cases, carrier bags for hunting, fishing gear. The wishes of the most demanding buyers are taken into consideration. Although the Acropolis products are manufactured according to the highest world quality standards, the prices remain acceptable to most customers. Using our accessories you will understand that you have made the right choice and got rid of many concerns about tackle and weapon.

We hope that you enjoy using our Hunting, Fishing and Mushroom picking goods!
made rifle hunting case